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Experience and Enthusiasm…

a combination that is hard to beat.

There are always ways to improve your website and online position. It takes some research, careful thought and action.
And when I start working, you’ll soon see results.


How we work with you

Hello Web is an owner-operator business. I don’t use external contractors to do our work for me instead, everything that we do on your website is done by me and that’s where the buck stops. I may from time to time use outsourcing for blogs to build links, or I work with a photographer to take great images for your website.

My role is to take a lead with your online presence. That starts with researching your market, competitors and finding the right message, keywords, design and layout of your website. Whether you already have a website or want to build a new one, the process is similar. The best results are achieved where I become a part of your marketing team, to guide and to implement what is decided on. I work within your budget and timeframe.

Careful planning will show in the end results. The success of your website depends on how well every component has been planned, designed and executed. A well structured website is easier to elevate in “Search Engine Result Positions“. With a small team, we take ownership of the entire website process, from initial planning to design, web development and ultimately through clever SEO, Google Ads, Content Creation and Social Media.

How my business started
I was around when “Alta Vista” was the search engine, “WordPerfect” was our word processor, “Novell” was the networking system and “Google” was just a big number. The one constant thing in this discipline was that there was always change. That continues to be the case and that’s what excites me.

For 20 years I owned the IT company Base10 (originally Gulf Networks) and was a co-owner of the web design company Netactive. Every day I felt a tinge of envy towards my staff. They were the creative ones, the ones that built things the ones that actually made all the difference. When I sold my IT business in 2015, I made the decision to be the person that does the hand’s on work.

I have not stopped learning and I enjoy every day.

How we work

Success on the Web requires a process where all components have to line up. It's as pointless to drive traffic to a website that does not convert as it is to have no traffic to a website that's just awesome. We get all components working together in harmony. This works, whether your busines is small or large.


This is about you, your business and your clients. We want to know what makes you successful so that we have a set of clear objectives to work with.



We employ long-term thinking to create a strategy where all components will work together. A good online strategy moves obstacles out of the way and creates a clear path.


Design and Build

This is Your brand, Your business and Your website. Our design will reflect that and the build will produce a website that is precise, clear, fast and error-free.


Launch and Push

This is the time for testing and for those last-minute touch-ups. We press GO and proudly show off the results. Whether through organic traffic or paid advertising, we can now promote your website though honest SEO, leading content or Google Ads.



Post-launch is no time to sit back. We'll tell you how your website is tracking. This is a time to make constant and on-going improvements.