Building and creating things always made me happy!

My Story

After many years of running running an IT company in Auckland (Base10 Limited) I realised that I could combine my knowledge of computing and running a business to help other businesses with their online journey.

Our sister-company Netactive exposed me to the skills of creating effective on-line marketing strategies and websites. My own Base10 website attracted many valuable and loyal clients.

So when I decided that a change is overdue, I created Hello Web.

Here I work with business owners to lead them to the same success that I had with the online presence of my previous business. 

What you can expect

Our Process

First, we get together
We need to find out all about your business and, most important, your clients.
You'll know your Stragegy
We'll discuss with you the direction and strategy that will work and will present a written proposal
We get busy on building
Now we build the framework of your online presence, your website, social platform and effective content.
Elevating Your Business
We gt you up there and keep you there, manage your social media and write compelling words to impress your market and Google.