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Getting to Page 1 on a Google Search - SEO - SERP
How I got to page 1 for my Search Term in a competitive market


Getting to Page 1 on search results takes a bit of work.


New Zealand is overrun with services in most market sectors and so the competition between like businesses is naturally high. Certainly in the Web Design and SEO space there is ample competition, not only from business within our borders, but also from overseas.

SEO, Digital Marketing, New Zealand, Drupal and Wordpess
A short list of Website Tasks that you should do for your website
You’ve put a lot of effort into getting that website up and running. Finally it’s live and you can show it off to family and friends and your valued business contacts. But there are some website tasks that you now need to take care of to get the maximum benefit from your new website.
Focusing on the words on your site. New Zealand. Making people stop at your site.
Why would your customer go elsewhere?
With a good landing page and a website that is true your promise, your customer has no reason to go elsewhere. How you can use your website to beat your competition to gain customers.
Web Design - Your own digital architect for small New Zealand businesses
Treat your website like you would treat a friend.
To be effective, your website needs constant TLC. Neglect it and you can expect diminishing returns. Here are 6 straight-forward ideas on how to stay in touch.
Working on Home Page Layout. Digital Marketing in East Auckland, New Zealand. Heaven and Earth
Web Design
Does your website have a heaven and an earth?

This is about what draws your audience to your website and what keeps them interested. These are not hard and fast rules, rather I notice that the design of many websites follows a familiar structure.

I simply call it "Heaven and Earth"!



Website Fixes, Howick, web design, East Tamaki
Six quick things that you can do to improve your website
There are a few things that can be done to give your website a boost and even to get it to do what it was originally designed to do; to bring in business. So, rather than starting from scratch (see my last point), here are some quick fixes that may go some way towards improving your existing website.