Star Trade Services – A WordPress Website

One of the things that can hold up a web design and development project is the client dragging their feet with supplying content and information. This was definitely NOT the case here. The Star Trade Services team was quick in responding and thorough in working with me to get this project completed.

Like any web design project, this one started with a meeting and with thorough planning. I walked out of that meeting armed with a good understanding of what the client wanted to achieve.

The first design I presented was accepted with a few minor alterations, and so the whole journey to develop of the website was easy, with one or two minor alterations as we went along.

In this case I used WordPress as a platform with Elementor as a page builder. There are some plugins that improve performance, like WP Rocket.

This project is a good example of what can be achieved if the client team plays along.

Here’s the website: Star Trade Services.

Civil Landscaping Company Website

This website was designed from the ground up for a large Civil Landscaping Company operating throughout New Zealand.

Hello Web was the sole design company and instrumental in aligning an outdated brand to a modern website design, usually a challenging task.

Content has been largely researched and supplied by Hello Web, including all hero words. Content that was supplied was re-written for the purposes of SEO and correct grammar and impact. Sadly the project has not been completed.

You can still see the website at

Schuler Kraft – a WordPress Website

This WordPress website project was completed in good time. The website is launched with expected changes and updates to occur as more content becomes available.

Initial On-Page SEO was completed at an early stage to give the website a good chance to be crawled by search engines and to start showing up in searches early.

The project imagery is done with minimal equipment and photographs were sourced from existing material rather than specifically created for the website. This shows that a website can still have a professional look even though a professional photographer was not engaged. In time more and better images will be added

Find the website at

A Playful Expression Engine Website with JavaScript

I created the Hello SEO website to complement Hello Web and to highlight the SEO services that Hello Web offers. From an SEO perspective it is a good idea to be as specific as possible, so having a second website makes sense.

The website was built with Expression Engine for a variety of reasons. The equivalent WordPress took a few seconds to load. To test the difference between a Page Builder CMS and a pure php and scripted CMS, I decided to work with Expression Engine. The load time of the Expression Engine site is less than half. Since Page Speed is an important SEO indicator, it makes sense to get the website as fast as possible.

The design in done by Hello Web which is really the same company or person as Hello SEO.

So, if you want to move away from WordPress then there are alternatives like Expression Engine to build a site that is fast and efficient and will probably beat the competitors just for that reason alone.

So what about the floating dots? Answer: Just so!

Since I sometimes work together with other web designers, it is also a good idea to keep the SEO Services separate. It stops interference in that I can advertise SEO without competing on the “Website” part.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating the interactive dots and think that the simplicity of the website works well.

The website can be found at

Howick Bowling Club – A Web Project with the team

A WordPress Project with Team Effort

“We’re a bit worried that our ideas don’t quite align” was what Ken said when I offered my design. I responded that I would challenge them at every turn and I think that won me the business.

Together we have spent many hours to understand their target market, who would and should engage and how they would use the site and then shaped a website that is modern and yet retains a strong element of “history”.

With my occasional input, the website is maintained by the very capable team at the club.

It grew from “we just want a website, nothing fancy” to a site that has a booking calendar, an online shop and a very large area for “photographs”. It’s something that developed as we worked together.

Somehow I know that the thinking about what “online” can offer has changed at the Howick Bowling Club. What a lovely team to work with.

Have a look at the website here:

UAVNZ – A WordPress Website

UAVNZ approached me to build their website. The project has grown to an on-going involvement with the UAVNZ committee and managing communication with the members. The website is the core of that communication platform.

The website is built in WordPress. It has grown to include a full membership system, a private and public forum, an events calendar, a system to add public business profiles, a job application system for members… and it continues to grow in functionality.

What a privilege to be involved with UAVNZ.

The website can be found at

Ingenii – WordPress with Elementor

Ingenii is a chartered accounting firm in East Auckland. The website that I built for them was initially planned as a “fix-up”, but I decided that it needed a complete rebuild. I used the WordPress platform with Elementor as a page builder. That gave me some great design flexibility.

It’s difficult to make an accounting firm stand out from the competition, but I think that we succeeded, both the written copy, as well as the image.

The written copy was created with some SEO in mind, with accounting-related content.

The hero image required quite a bit of thought and manipulation to stand out and at the same time not appear too dry. That’s the challenge of creating a website for accountants.

Have a look at the Ingenii Website here.