Howick Bowling Club – A Web Project with the team

Websites built with Wordpress

A WordPress Project with Team Effort

“We’re a bit worried that our ideas don’t quite align” was what Ken said when I offered my design. I responded that I would challenge them at every turn and I think that won me the business.

Together we have spent many hours to understand their target market, who would and should engage and how they would use the site and then shaped a website that is modern and yet retains a strong element of “history”.

With my occasional input, the website is maintained by the very capable team at the club.

It grew from “we just want a website, nothing fancy” to a site that has a booking calendar, an online shop and a very large area for “photographs”. It’s something that developed as we worked together.

Somehow I know that the thinking about what “online” can offer has changed at the Howick Bowling Club. What a lovely team to work with.

Have a look at the website here:

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