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Keywords, AdWords, Organic and Fresh

A successful website requires some on-going work. Unless your customers come to your site for the sake of it (you may have some fame), there is a requirement to analyse (Goolge Analytics) and possibly to advertise (Google AdWords). 


Getting back to the importance of words, we investigate (with the help of your input and a range of keyword tools) which phrases and words result in the best searches, the best engagement and the best conversions. Over time we test certain words and often make changes to your website, in particular the wording, but sometimes also the layout. 


AdWords allows us to drive certain targeted searches to your website with paid advertising. AdWords is often seen as a stop-gap between your site launching and organic searches building up to appear on page one, but that is misunderstood. Even if your site is on page one for certain search terms AdWords fills in the gaps of other relevant searches. If managed well (and if your website performs well) it is an effective marketing and sales tool. Compare it to filling a sales role and you'll realise how much more economical it can be to use AdWords. 

Organic Ranking

Most websites need constant work get to page one and then to stay there once the site is launched. Google rules change, search trends change, websites get outdated and unless there are new links to the site, unless there is new and fresh content and new and relevant information on your website it will slowly drop down the search rankings. Websites need to be updated often. 


Fresh and relevant content has to be targeted so that it keeps your site visitors engaged. Driving traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. is no longer optional. Creating links from news sites, business groups and other sources to your fresh content convinces Google that your website is worth visiting. Keep your audience engaged and happy and ensure that your content is shared. Create articles and blogs. We'll help you do it. 


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