Metro NZ – A WordPress and SEO Project – CASE STUDY

SEO Project

Case Study

Property Management with a live feed from Palace software.

Metro NZ is a well-known property management company. They wanted to take their online presence to the next level, with a new website and with a solid SEO and online marketing strategy.

Within six months, the website can be found on page one for all of the targeted keywords.

Google Search Engine Results Pages (Serps):

Property Management Auckland6
Property Management NZ1
Property Management New Zealand1
Building Management Company Auckland3
Investment Property Management Auckland2
Tenanted property sales Auckland 2
Search results for some chosen keywords

The website has attracted worthwhile business after only being live for about 2 months. With a targeted PPC Google Ads campaign, MetroNZ is getting a significant number of prospects via their website, an objective achieved.

The team at Metro NZ was heavily involved in the wording and the design of the website and the team remains involved with creating content and with providing on-going feedback.

The website also gathers live data from the Palace software, saving the business a significant amount of time through avoiding double-entries. I have written a WordPress Plugin to download and format the relevant data. You can find that data on the Property Listings page.

Metro NZ Property Management Auckland

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