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Online marketing includes managing your website content, Search Engine Optimisation, Business Social Media, PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising and Display Advertising. My view is that these go hand in hand so closely that they should either be done by one company, or by companies that work together very closely. It’s wasted effort if the strategies on website and SEO don’t align and similarly, the PPC and Social Media efforts should be aligned with the overall marketing strategies of the company. Each component should support the other.

All the marketing disciplines rely on one well-targeted content, and therefore on sound keyword research.

PPC (Pay Per Click) – Google Ads

I believe that every business should make use of Google Ads. There are numerous advantages and using Google Ads does not have to be expensive.
Here are some benefits of using Google Ads:

  • Keyword research – With organic SEO it’s not possible to find out exact search terms whereas with Google Ads the search terms that lead to your site are visible. Google Ads can be your best keyword research tool.
  • Adding strategic Keywords to your searches – Organically your website will be limited in the number of keywords and key phrases (long-tail keywords) that it can rank for. With Google Ads PPC your website can be made to be found for keywords that don’t achieve organically.
  • Get there faster – It’s unlikely that your website will rank well organically form the get-go. With Google Ads you can compete immediately and you can compete at a level that you feel comfortable with.
  • Flexibility – Try out various campaigns, switch them on and off as you need, advertise specials by search term, geographic location, time of day and visitor demographic. Google Ads continues to evolve and now has become a significant marketing and research tool for most of my clients.
  • Data – Getting business data on the behaviour of your website visitors is hugely valuable. Combined with Google Analytics, Google Ads gives you excellent marketing data that you can use in your business.
  • Beat your competition – Structure your ads well and relevant to the content of your website, and you’ll find that your ad will beat those of your competitors.
  • Save money – compared to traditional marketing channels, Google Ads is significantly cheaper and, in an online world, usually more effective.

Display Advertising – Google Ads

Businesses making use of Display Advertising take the opportunity to get their brand seen. Advertising  with Google Display requires the design of the actual ad, in one or more formats that can be displayed on selected (to a point) websites.  Google Web Designer is a tool that allows the creation of ads, and some animation can be built in so that the ad catches the eye.

Google Display advertising is really a branding exercise, because the ad can appear in the hundreds of thousand times for a reasonably low fee. There is some control over where the ad appears, and both geographic, as well as demographic parameters, can be selected.

Display Advertising – Remarketing / Retargeting

Similar to the way that demographic or geographic audiences can be selected, a selection can be made based on audiences that have previously visited your website. This is called remarketing or retargeting, reinforcing your brand or message on those that have previously shown interest in your website.

Google Ads and Online Marketing

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