Here's what we do to get your website built

If you can imagine it then we can build it - a website that is professional in every way.

Websites are not only designed to reflect your business and brand. The best websites have a distinct purpose. Frequently that is to attract more of the customers that you want. A website not only has to appeal to your target market, it also has to wow Google and other search engines. We find many flash looking websites but only a few of them have all the components right. Those are the ones that are high in search engines.

  • We work with you on and appropriate design, in line with your brand.
  • The website content has to be supplied by your business, but we help with that to get it 100% right.
  • The initial SEO components are taken care of.

On a website, looks are as important as how the user can interact with the website and how the site visitor gets convinced to contact you. Our advice and guidance for this are valuable to deliver a high performing product.

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Step By Step - How we build your website

We work closely with you to deliver an excellent brochure site.

Scoping out the full project

The more we can find out about your business and you customers, the better we can align the design and content to the requirements. Every website starts with a careful look at who the website will be for, how your audience interacts with the website and how ultimately it achieves the objectives, be that a phone call to your business or the completion of a web form or a purchase.

With websites being the predominant shop windows for your business, how your customers react to your web presence is paramount. We know this and know how to design and build for your purpose. We spend a considerable amount finding out about your market, your competitors and their websites.

Scoping the website project

We'll deliver the design ideas

Our first design ideas are a result of careful research of similar businesses both in New Zealand and around the world. We collect ideas and present the first design (front page only) on paper. That gives us the initial design framework, no matter whether the design is accepted as the end product or not. This design is a first idea. Over the next few days, and after consulting with you, we refine the design (or start again).

Once a design is chosen, we can start building the website. The front page completed is another milestone, because we can then make further design refinements on while viewing the actual website. The follow pages are then designed.

Choosing a Web Design Template

We develop the Website

Most of our websites are built using WordPress and for this product we'll stick to that. If you want a website built on another platform then we can do that, but you have to choose the custom website product. We now build the website with some content in place. This may be placeholder content, unless you have supplied the content already.

The 4 page templates are the Front Page, a follow page design e.g. services, an about page and a contact page. We're not too strict on including more page designs unless they deviate significantly from the others. We're also not too strict on the about of actual pages, unless there is an unrealistic expectation.

Web Development

We now add the content

Here we rely heavily on you to supply the content, written, images and video. This does require the business to put in some work or to hire someone that can get this content together. Our expectation is not that the content is 100% formatted and ready to add, but at the same time we also don't what copies from other websites. We have in the past said that we will format and re-write the content on your behalf. We still do that, but we expect the content to be original.

If you want us to create content on your behalf then we have a product for that. Content writing requires specialist skills. We're happy to take on that task for you

We Add Website Content

Let's Go Live

Hold tight. There are a few technical things that need to be put in place before we can go live. Most important is that search engines need to be made aware that a new awesome website is out there. One those pre-launch technical things are done, we'll also check that everything that should be taken care of has been completed to perfection.

Congratulations. You have a brand new website. With everything we have done together we're confident that you have a top-class product that will reach the objectives. Time to let everyone know, so have a look at our SEO products.

Website Launch

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