How the DIY website process works

If you can imagine it then you can build it - with a bit of help.

Today there are many tools available to build websites. Most of the online options, like Wix and Squarespace give you the ready platform, but then leave you to build your site without any further guidance or help. We find that many get lost in the complexities of the build process, image formatting, content writing and the more technical components like SEO. With Hello Web's DIY option we are there if you need help.

  • We help you to choose the correct design template.
  • We'll install and configure the WordPress framework ready for you to add content.
  • You get four hours of help, support and guidance included with the package.

It's important that things are done right. With the DIY package you're not alone. We have your back for the first steps with a lesson of how to add and format the content and how to scale and format images. We run through the basics of the SEO components and we'll check in with you from time to time. Even though the website will be based on a template, it's important to know that design changes are possible. If you need additional help beyond the first four hours then that will be billed separately.

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The DIY Web Design Process - Step by Step

We'll provide the framework, you add the content and images

Scoping out the full project

This is where we site together, right at the beginning and we set out the full requirements. The aim here is to get everyone onto the same page, not only for the website and design, but also to determine which areas need training and help. In that way we can be most effective in getting the website off the ground. After this process, you'll know exactly which parts you have to do, (as in the D in DIY) and which parts are left to Hello Web.

Here is also an opportunity for you to determine the areas that you may want to add to the website that may be unique to your requirements, things such as your brand, domain names, hosting, on-going SEO and the like.

Scoping the website project

Together we look at some design options and make a choice

Most websites are built with a template. For the DIY product, this guides the design, but does not limit changes to the design. Working with a template makes it easy for the website to tick all the technical boxes, things like Meta Data, correct image sizes and text formatting. It provides a framework for you to place content such as text, images and videos, without damaging the overall look and feel of website.

We choose a design that has a page builder like Elementor for WordPress, giving you a standard, well supported and easy to use platform on which to add your content.

Choosing a Web Design Template

We create the framework for you to start work

Here's were Hello Web Jumps in. We secure the domain (if you don't have one already) and set up the WordPress framework. Then we'll install the template and all the initial plugins required for you to start work. You can now log in as an editor and start adding content. If you've never done this before, then we help you with some guidance and training.

The complexities of the process of building a website is often underestimated. There are things like image formatting and scaling, meta tags, positioning and formatting that require skills. If you think that you may struggle with that then the DIY product may not be for you and you may be better off to purchase the "Hello Web Does it All" Product.

Website Hosting

You can now start adding website content

Once the website is hosted, you can start adding content. With every step you take, you'll be able to see a difference on you website. Simply change the content that is on the template site with your own. As you get better at doing this, you can also add your own sections or change the design to suit your business. There may be some limitations within the template but most of that can be overcome.

Design templates can be modified, but some of those modifications require programming skills that are quite complex. We're here to do that for you, but we aware that it may take time beyond the 4 hours that are included.

We Add Website Content

You've done it - let's go live

Before a website can go live, there are a few technical things that need to be put in place. Hello Web will do those for you. Most important is that search engines need to be made aware that a new awesome website is out there. We do those pre-launch technical things for you. We'll also check that everything that should be taken care of has been completed.

Congratulations. You've built your own website. And the fact that you may have required some help from time to time does not distract from the fact that you've achieved something great. Well done. Time to let everyone know, so have a look at our SEO products.

Website Launch

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