The single most important reason for creating any website is for the right audience to use it. Be it a business website, a blog site, an online shop or any other type of site, chances are that you created it to be used.

And to be used, your site must first be found amongst a vast sea of competitors.
This is no different to most other businesses. Image for a minute that you start a restaurant. There are now three considerations for you to ensure that you get customers.

  • Firstly, your customers have to know that your restaurant exists and they have to be able to find it. That means you either have to be in a really good location, or you have to advertise.
  • It needs to look enticing enough for customers to want to enter your restaurant.
  • Your food has to be good enough for customers to come back, otherwise it soon will be empty.

Your website is no different:

  • For your website to be found it has to rank high on search engines. In fact, it should be amongst the first 5 places. To get it there, you either have to employ good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and together with that and a bit of time your customers may come. Or, you have to advertise i.e. use AdWords for your website link to appear higher up in the list. The more you pay, the higher your website will rank.
  • Your website has to be seen. It’s no use to have people click on your website link, only to disappear again after they have seen your front page. You want them to buy or call, or do whatever your website is designed for.
  • And then, just like your restaurant, the customer experience has to be good enough for your customers to come back. Your website has to be liked.

What use is it to have a nice website if it is not found, seen and liked?
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