Successfully promoting your website requires on-going work and none is more valuable than creating new content and pushing that to your followers. Whether proven or not, promoting your content through Facebook and Twitter seems to have a direct and positive influence on your web site’s search ranking.

When it comes to improving your page ranking, the terms “influencer” or “thought leader” are being bandied around with regularity. It seems that Google wants you to get noticed first, before your website can follow in the rankings and that really makes perfect sense.

In a world where there is an overload of information, it makes seems right that we should filter the most influential opinions, rather than having to sift through heaps and heaps of irrelevant information.

Your purpose then, in order to drive traffic to your website, is to publish and distribute original opinion rather than “copy” and publish that to sites that link to your own website. That is also the reason that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media websites are still relevant to businesses. They provide a platform for you to distribute your ideas and become a “thought leader” in your particular area of expertise.

Probably the most powerful way to rank your website on search engines is to build links that point to your site. If you publish new and relevant content then your link-building will be a lot easier if your content is leading rather than following.

And to help you with coming up with new and fresh ideas, exactly these sites can be helpful in finding inspiration. If you lack fresh ideas then a trawl through Twitter or LinkedIn will offer a rich source of ideas that you can use to become an “influencer” or “thought leader”.

Remember, it’s all about getting FOUND, getting SEEN and getting LIKED.