As consumers we are inundated with messages from businesses that want us to buy. The Internet has a number of advertising platforms. The most effective of these is appearing in a list of searches. The reason for that is that you already have a captive audience.

For instance, if your IT business appear in the search for “IT Support” then you already have a potential client that searches for “IT Support” or if you’r business is a shopping cart selling office furniture, then appearing in a search for “Office Chairs” could net you a client who is already interested to purchase from your site.

The first important thing is therefore to be in the first few entries of the search results. ideally in the first five. Getting you to the top of the list is done with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Good SEO starts with the design and content of your website, requires submissions to search engines and on-going creation of relevant and original content along with some other effort that convinces search engines like Google that you deserve to be on the top spots in search results.

Besides getting found in searches, there is one more critically important thing. Just imagine for a while that you run a shop and you have a great location with lots of potential customers browsing, but few of them actually buying. Either you’re attracting the wrong type of customer, or your product display is just not attractive enough for anyone to actually purchase.

Similarly your website may attract a lot of potential customers (hits or clicks) but you’re not converting these into actual clients. In “web speak” we call that Conversion Rate Optimisation” or CRO.

The actual conversion rate expectation may differ widely from industry to industry. In some cases a conversion rate of less that 1% may actually be high, but if you’re selling popular low-cost items you probably want a conversion rate of around 10%, i.e. a purchase for every 10 customers visiting your site.

Regardless of what your CRO or SEO expectations are, they have to be measured on an on-going basis. For the sites I manage, I look at these figures on a daily basis and make frequent changes to improve the values for my customers.

The two most important aspects of your website is to get FOUND in the first place. We use SEO to do that. Then we work on getting noticed or SEEN, so that website visitors don’t ignore you, but actually convert into customers. Finally your customers will only return of your website is LIKED.

And hence, our buy line is: Be Found, Be Seen, Be Liked.