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Pre-armed and Staying in Touch

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).... and so it is with your website. Usually the wish is to have a well performing website. At Hello Web we plan well and have the tools to create a final product that we are proud to launch. 

Planning and listening. 

At Hello Web, we start off with a plan. At the very beginning we already have all the important parameters at hand and we have the experience of building previous websites, so all the other important aspects are also on tap. Armed with that and your valuable input, we embark on creating magic.

Keeping in touch

We recognise though, that the website is YOUR creation and that it represents YOUR business. We know that you know your business best and therefore we meet with you often to involve you in the detail design and detail wording, the functionality and the user interface. The final website is a combination of our combined efforts. The more you get involved, the more it has your unique touch. 

Launch Date - our favourite day

I've seen web designers that are fearful of launch date. Too many things could go wrong, too many things have gone unplanned. We at Hello Web on the other hand like launch date because its another opportunity to proudly show off a successful product. Rather than just a wish, your website is a well planned and well executed business tool. 


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