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Use a website hosting company close to you. Things are just easier that way.

At Hello Web we have a variety of hosting options, all supplied by reputable New Zealand businesses. Choosing a good hosting platform is critical to achieving good website performance both for speed as well as security. A cheap, non-performing host platform can affect website response time and has a flow-on effect on the technical SEO of your website, and can affect user experience and conversions.

We recommend using a good, fast hosting platform and that is what we provide for our clients at Hello Web.

Hello Web ensures that your website always runs on the latest PHP versions and is backed up regularly.

Get your own platform (low density)

Low density servers are great for very busy websites. The environment is managed by the host providers so that threats to the website are managed from outside of the website as well as within the website. A secure certificate is included with Low Density Website Hosting.

Shared platform hosting

A shared platform is ideal for websites that are not so busy. Low density hosting is available from $20 per month and if it is integrated with my managed SEO Services, then it is free. Low density hosting is still fully managed and secured. A secure certificate is included in the shared platform hosting.

WP Host Hosting

WP Host is a New Zealand Provider specialising in WordPress Hosting. That platform is specifically designed to provide excellent performance for WordPress websites. WP Host provides daily backups and support.

Caching Images

If your website has many images (and even if it just has a few), a CDN (Content Delivery Network) will speed up the delivery of those images (and other static resources) of your website. At Hello Web we use a CDN for most of our websites so that user experience is not affected by slow loading of images, especially for websites that experience heavy mobile usage.

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Website Hosting
Fast and Secure