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Website Support and Management

We support and manage your Website

To keep it up to date, secure and running well

Once a website is launched it has to be managed in various ways. At Hello Web we take care of all the required support and management.

Managing Web Hosting

Website hosting platforms get updated, just like any other server environment. Websites need to follow suit. When there is an update at the host provider, websites parameters need to be changed to remain up to date. Websites that are not set to use the latest available hosting platforms are exposed to security risks.

Sometimes an updated platform will have a flow-on effect on websites, especially if the website uses old or outdated coding. That coding then has to be re-written and changed to follow the latest versions (usually a change in PHP – too technical? Leave it to us.)

Website Backup

My websites all get backed up automatically, but when I make any significant changes, especially to code or plugins, I back the website up manually before I make the change. I ask my clients to do the same. Where they make their own content changes, I ask them to let me know, so that I can run a quick backup. That provides a level of confidence to make changes without the fear of messing things up.

Website support

I’ familiar with WordPress (including WooCommerce), Drupal, Joomla and direct PHP programming, so I can offer support on all those platforms. Always call me before you get too frustrated. I’m happy to help where I can.

Platform Support

In the same way that the hosting platform is updated from time to time, the actual Content Management System (CMS) i.e. WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, has to be kept up to date. Like any updates, these updates can have far reaching consequences, but are required to keep the website secure and fast.

Before a core update, I run a backup, run the update, update all components (plugins or modules) and then run functionality testing. Sometimes areas of the website are affected and that needs to be addressed.

Content Management

Keeping website content fresh is a critical part of SEO and the usability (Web Design) of the website.

For meaningful content updates, I work with you to research fresh content and either write the content on your behalf, or I re-write the content so that it makes sense to Google and other search engines.

Call me if you want help with any aspect of your website or search engine optimisation.

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