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Purpose, Words and Engagement


Up-front planning of your website is done together with you and with your business purpose and your clients in mind. We like to get that right before we even start the design phase so that we can be assure of successful engagement with the right target market. 


The purpose of the website has to be clear, to you, to us, and most importantly to your site visitor. Remember that the site visitor will only take 2 seconds to decide stay on YOUR website or move to the next one - that of your competitor. Without clear purpose you're losing opportunities. 


Words help to define your purpose and your message to your audience. (Good design and images also helps, but the words are more important for many reasons). The right words help with getting Google to place your website high on search engines. In short, the right words get you found and help with engaging the website visitor. We spend a lot of time getting the words just right. 


If your website visitors see your page then that is great. But if they don't act, then all your effort is wasted. We work hard to ensure that visitors engage so that you reach your purpose. Usually that is getting more business from the website.


And there are other aspects that are also important. 


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