Website and SEO Review

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There’s a good reason that some websites perform well – and there are usually good reasons that others don’t.

I see websites where not even the very basics have been taken care of. Those websites may LOOK no different, but they are unlikely to appear on Google’s radar and less likely to entice your site visitors to take action. I can tell you what needs to be done to fix that.

Website Review

I check the very basic and all critical factors that affect the performance of your website as well as how your site visitors engage. Looking at your site from a “visitors” point of view can be very different from looking at it from your own point of view.

There are key factors in the layout, the words and the images that encourage users to trust and engage in your business – just by looking at your website I can most likely find improvement opportunities.

I’ll tell you what you can do to stop missing opportunities!

SEO and Online Marketing Review

Getting noticed by Google and other search engines take time and on-going perseverance. But what if after some time your website is still not getting noticed?

Usually, something is fundamentally wrong with your On-Page and Off-Page SEO or your online marketing strategy. I can outline what your expectations should be and what steps you can take to move your website up the rankings to get noticed.

I can align your business, your website and your SEO.

Website and SEO Audit

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