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Google, Code, Speed and Design. 

Possibly even in that order. Most important is that your website is found by your audience and usually that means ranking well on search engines and in particular on Google. 


Forget everything else, Google sets the benchmark. After your site is launched all effort must be made to get a high Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). You want to be on the first page. To rank well, a whole lot of things will have to fall into place. We already mentioned Purpose, Words and Engagement. Google measures that, but the next three areas also have to perform well:


Clean code, throughout your website is imperative. That includes not having unnecessary items load, optimised images, well-formed and minimised Javascript and CSS, good and appropriate metadata. With websites, while visual impact can be created with complex code, often less is more. Google looks at a number of code parameters to rank your website


Speed has become more and more important, especially on mobile devices. Website can now be built with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Google gives those website a ranking boost. Complex design can be great, but like code, less is more in order to gain speed. 


Design is important, but rather than pure visual impact, the user interface design is ultimately more valuable. Engaging the user scores points, not only from Google, but also from your website users, which ultimately are the ones that you want to engage with. 


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