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About US

Why have a website if it does not satisfy your objectives? I see too many businesses that just want a website for the sake of it. We're different, because here we ensure that your website works for you and your business.

For over 20 years I owned and ran an IT company and a software / web development company in Auckland, New Zealand.

This has given me an insight not only into web development, but also into what it takes to market your business and to attract new clients through an on-line medium.

I believe that for a website to be effective it has to speak to the right target audience and it has to engage the website visitor. You want action from your site visitors and through that you want new business. At Hello Web we achieve that by creating a product that is functional, effective in reaching its objectives and visually stunning. Here we believe in perfection.

The interaction on your website does not have to be limited to looking at images and browsing text. We invite the visitor to interact by including subtle movement with features like roll-overs or parallax and are careful that these effects do not distract from good website design or appear frivolous. We also create websites that include systems that have a clear interactive function. Our own internal booking system is now used by a number of our clients as is our on-line shopping system and categorisation system.

We call ourselves "digital architects" in that we give thought to your market and objectives and only then we plan and build your online presence.
So now you can have your very own digital architect and SEO Specialist.

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Uli Knapp. Digital Architect at Hello Web Limited, New Zealand
Uli Knapp - Digital Architect at Hello Web