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Website Design and Development

We provide a design that ensures that your website is easy to navigate and to understand. The design will remain true to your business brand.
We use WordPress or Craft CMS to develop your website.

Website Content

Unlike many web companies that rely on the client to provide content, we work closely with you to create tailored content that presents your business - clearly, honestly and to the point.
We can also recommend a good web photographer for media content.

Pay per Click Ads

Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads are a powerful tool, not only to drive relevant traffic to your website, but also to provide insight on terms and keywords. If used strategically, we believe that most businesses can benefit from using Google Ads. We make sure that your Google Ads budget is used to maximum effect.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising website content, structure and code should be at the heart of every website.
We can craft a tailored SEO stragegy that will elevate your website's presence to ensure that your business is well positioned online for long-term success. Together with your website, SEO and PPC advertising provide a complete online marketing platform

How working with us leads to "Better Business"

Our focus is on attracting the “right” business, targeting the website, SEO and paid Ads to attract your very best clients. We don’t just focus on getting “clicks”.

A well considered overall strategy

We take time to understand your business, your clients and your competitors. 
We then work with you on the message, the imagery, marketing and advertising opportunites.
The website is then built along with Google Ads (if choosen) for an effective overall marketing platform.

An understanding of business

As the owner and operator of Hello Web, I have owned and managed an IT business in New Zealand over 20 years and was part owner of a Web Design Business. During that time I’ve learned what is important to business owners both small and medium businesses and can apply that knowledge.

A range of technologies

We’ve worked with a variety of Web Platforms, Drupal, Joomla, Craft CMS, WordPress with WooCommerce, HTML and PHP.
Our understanding of coding allows me to tackle projects that have more than an average degree of technical difficulty. 

No third parties

We don’t user work contractors and all work is done in-house. That means that responsibility starts and stops with me and I’ll be working directly with you and you team on the entire project. We do our best work with clients that see us as an integral part of their team. 

Typical Projects

Some projects stand out because of the technical challenges, like creating and interface between an accounting system and the website. We thrive on those technical challenges. Other projects stand out for presenting an opportunity to make a positive difference. Where we can work closely with the business, this is inevitibly the outcome. 

Website for builders

Shopping Cart – WooCommerce

Around 500 Products pulled from a business system into WordPress WooCommerce. 
API and Coding by Hello Web. 

Working directly with the business. 

Craft CMS and WordPress

Brochure Site – Building Industry

Website built in Craft CMS.

On-going SEO elevated the website to the first three organic positions for many relevant searches. Google Ads with am impression share of over 30% at 80% top of page rate – in a busy industry.

Previous Web design work

Shopping Cart and Google Ads

Around 20 Products with WordPress WooCommerce. 

Website Management, Google and Bing Ads Campaings and Shopping Campaigns. Sales in the first 6 month of taking over increased by 30%. 

Previous SEO work

WordPress or Craft CMS Websites

Many sites include a Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads campaign, some with large budgets. 

Industries include: Building, Accounting, Business Sales, Legal, Health, Professional Services, HR, Utilites, Property, Tourism.

How we work

Every project starts with thorough planning, laying a solid groundwork for success. With the required research, focusing on competitors and customers completed, I work on the design and content (collaboration), before I build the website and marketing platform.



An initial meeting is essential to understand your full requirements, timeframe, budget, key performance indicators and how we best work together initially and over time to reach the set objectives.

Design and SEO

Planning, investigating collaborating. 

We do the groundwork for your online presence, looking at markets, competitors, audience and content. Even after the website is complete, it’s prudent to re-visit this from time to time. 


Building, creating and writing

Here we build the website, create the platform for good SEO and written content. we create the website and if required, the advertising and analytics platforms. The environment will be nimble to changes and furhter thought.  

Let's get started on your website project

Website services

  1. Web design of brand new or existing websites.
  2. Web development with WordPress, Craft CMS or native HTML.
  3. Advice on improverment opportunities for existing websites.
  4. Online shopping sites with WooCommerce.
  5. Written website content for web pages, blogs or articles.
  6. On-Page SEO for website improvement .

SEO and PPC services

  1. Improve your existing website.
  2. Improve your website’s organic ranking.
  3. Keyword research. Attract the right audience.
  4. Show high on searches with well-targeted ads, even with a high budget.
  5. Advertise your brand with display advertising.
  6. Shopping campaigns to target and improve sales of your online products.

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