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Good search results start with thorough keyword research

Written website content is a powerful signal of how your business is presented online compared to your competitors. Starting with catchy headlines and section titles, these can be the difference between getting the inital attention that your business deserves, or being ignored by your audience. Further, the tone and quality of the content will define who will engage with your business. 

Websites with content written in an “amaterish” way will immediately reflect that business in the same way. 

Each business requires a unique writing style. Technical content for instance, requires a different writing style to writing content for a school website or an online shop. Being able to write in a variety of styles is a skill that is not easy to come by and AI has limited use in this regard. Good content and articles have a much better chance of getting noticed by search engines. The manner in which your website content is written can make the difference between your business being found online or not. 

The reality is that many business owners may be expert in their field, but they may not be good at writing web content or articles, or simply don’t have the time. My content writing starts with gathering sufficient information from you in order to communicate the technicalities of the topic well.

I then research further to add substance to the content, attract the desired audience through thorough keyword research and other similar content. 

The results will be a well written piece, designed to attract an audience in your areas of business, drive them to your website and encourage them to engage with you.

Excellence in written website content

Whether content for the website or for inividual articles, my methodology is similar. Find out more. 

Initial information

I need some initial information and at the same time want to make that as easy as possible.  For the website content we meet and discuss a content outline. 

  • I may need bullet points of the article / content. (as many as required).
  • Introduction. We agree on various content areas, and for blogs or articles I may need an introduction in your own words.
  • Some more bullet points that cover  the core of the content or article.
  • I ask you to write your conclusion in your own words.

That information arms me enough substance to write high-quality content in the tone that is appropriate to your business. 

Further content research

I take a good look at what others have written on the topic, at other websites, both in New Zealand and overseas that operate in your business space.

This is included in new website builds as a part of my initial research.

The process enables us to become focused a few broad design options that we can take forward for consideration and to identify what is topical in the industry.

Keyword Research

Including certain words and phrases is paramount to allow the content to rank online. We may discuss what your audience may be searching for, whether there are any potential "lead in" searches or "long-tail" keywords that can be used to boost organic listings as well as paid quality scores.

I look closesly at meta data used by competitors, but also utilise opportunities that others may have missed. 

I write the article

This is the fun part. From all the information we have gathered, I now write the website content or blog. This is not a single step. To get it right, there may have a few false starts. Like any creative process, it takes time to get this right.

We discuss the first draft to give you the opportunity for input and comment. This continues until we're all happy to for us to take the next step.

The content is pubished

Whether standard website content, a blog, news, or an article, I now publish the content on your website. I can also publish the article on some social media platforms, for instance LinkedIn.

I also work with third parties to publish the content to a wider audience. This is determined by the SEO product that you have with Hello Web.

Let's get started on your website project