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Leading your online journey

I thrive on building websites that perform above expectations. I aim to achieve top results for every one of my clients. 

My role is to take the lead your business’ online presence. That starts with researching your market, your competitors and finding the right message, keywords, design and layout of your website. Whether you already have a website or want to build a new one, the process is similar. I achieve the best results where you allow me to become and itergral part your marketing team, to guide and to implement. I have always strived to work within your budget and timeframe. Good “white hat” SEO complements your website and I make this a part of my website planning and impementation. 

How Hello Web started

I was around when “Alta Vista” was the search engine, “WordPerfect” was our word processor, “Novell” was the networking system and “Google” was just a very very big number. The one constant thing in this discipline was that there was always change. That continues to be the case now and that’s what excites me.

For 20 years I owned the IT company Base10 and was a co-owner of the web design company Netactive. Like my staff at the time I longed to be at the “coal face”. They were the creative ones, the ones that built things the ones that actually made all the difference. When I sold my IT business in 2015, I made the decision to get involved in the hand’s on work.

My “Why”

Through owning a successful IT Company (in its time the longest standing IT company in Auckland), I have learned a lot about how small to medium business works in New Zealand and what is important to small business owners. I know that the business website and online marketing are areas that frequently distract from the actual business and require the type of leadership that I can offer.

I’m passionate about getting things done and have kept up to date with the ever-changing technology. I have not stopped learning and I enjoy every day.

Me at mhy office in east auckland, howick

Customer Reviews

Why 5 star reviews? Simple, I don't let go until it's done, and I go above and beyond.


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