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Every website can be improved... some more than others. At Hello Web Auckland, we design and build websites that convert site visitors into worthwhile business. Whether your business is large or small, we have a website solution for most requirements; brochure sites, shopping carts or websites with more bespoke functionality.


Good looks are definitely a part of it, but there are more important things than the visual aspect.

It’s important that your website has a clear purpose. Visitors that find your site will have to immediately know why they have landed where they have. For that, the message has to clearly communicate what its purpose is, from the very start, i.e. in the hero area.

The design has to invite “user engagement”. Any visitor has to intuitively know where to go next, what to click and what they get out of engaging with the website. A great website gives the right target audience value from your website. At Hello Web we use the term “answer the search”. In our initial research we would know what the target site visitors are searching for and on the website we make sure that that search gets rewarded.

Ultimately the website is built for the benefit of the business and in order for that to happen, the website also has to be of benefit to your best potential clients.

There is a lot more to this, so why not get in touch with us to discuss how we can build a GREAT website for your business.

That’s definitely one of the most important aspect of a website. A great website that can’t be found by your target audience is not worth much.

By designing your website with your target audience in mind from the very start, you’re well on the way. Your business would have some "unique selling point" or USP. To rise above your competitors it's a good idea to incorporate that uniqueness into your website. Finding out what your best customers would be searching for to make use of your uniqueness becomes the foundation of the content we write. Then, creating the content that gives your website visitor the answers to their search and the opportunity to engage beyond that ensures that you are attracting the audience that you want to do business with.

All that falls under SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. For any website to work well, good SEO is paramount.

There is a lot more to this, so why not get in touch with us to discuss how we can work on getting YOUR website found by your ideal customer.

There is a massive difference in website visits between websites that appear on page 1 and those that do not.  Being high up in the search results is the best way of attracting new customers online and we deal with companies that solely rely on their favourable search positions for new business.

The problem is that those slots on page 1 may already be taken and now you have to compete to get there. Competing for popular search terms may be difficult but, if your website has ticked all the technical boxes then it is a matter of competing with high value and well written content and ensuring that other good websites link to your content. Your website has to be “sold” just like your products of services.

Rather than aiming to compete for the most popular search terms, think about search terms that are more specific, either aiming at a smaller geographic area or for search terms that are more product specific. For instance, your website has a better chance to get to page 1 for the term “mortgage broker East Auckland” or for “how to get rid of your mortgage faster” than “Mortgage Broker Auckland”.

To analyse what works for your business and website, we go through a thorough keyword research process before we start designing your website or writing the content.

There is a lot more to this, so why not get in touch with us to discuss how we can work on getting YOUR website to PAGE 1.

Yes,  yes and yes again. I think that every business should use Google ads. The reason is simple. With paid advertising like Google Ads, not only can you drive traffic to your website, but you can also learn how to best shape your advertising and website content to attract the right business.

Google keeps the search terms for organic visits to your website close to its chest. Not so with Google Ads. Suddenly there is a whole new world of information available about what your site visitors type into search engines to can find you. The bonus is that you can decide which searches lead to your website, where on the website they land and how much you want to spend. You’ll only pay for the clicks on your ad or to those clicks that actually convert.

There are many ways to configure Google Ads, so why not get in touch with us to discuss how we can work with Google Ads to get you more worthwhile business without spending a fortune.

The standard answer here is: “it depends” and that’s an accurate answer . There is just no way of putting a cost on a website without knowing more about the purpose, the business and the industry you are working in.

There are also many ways of creating websites with each one having it’s unique purpose and functions.

As web designers we frequently get asked this as the very first questions. The reality is that creating a website is not something that your web developer does in isolation. It is a team effort that involves the business and that's exactly how it should be. Creating the content is frequently the most time consuming aspect. Those businesses that get involved with that process can expect to pay less than those that leave the creating of the content to the developers.

At Hello Web we’ve been asked to create single-page websites with just an address and phone number. Naturally that will be a low-cost website. But we’ve also created websites with complex functionality, and the cost will be higher for those type of websites . To give you an indication you can refer to one of our article "How much does a website cost".

I can get you an accurate price for your website, so give me a chance to meet with you to discuss the details.

Our uniqueness is that we're a small business. Our focus is purely on achieving for our clients, rather than having as many clients as possible. That allows us to take time to get to work closely with them, to know the exact requirements that will lead to success and to implement those strategies well.

And success we’ve achieved, with most of our clients sitting on page 1 for relevant Google searches, and seeing the results from it.  Nothing makes us happier.

The customers that achieve the best success are the ones that see us as part of their team.

Web Design is no longer ONE discipline, but consists of design, development and coding, knowledge of SEO, the ability to create content and knowledge of marketing and the nature of how business is done. Our team may be small, but we have both broad and detailed knowledge.

We can guarantee that you will work directly with the boss, that we will take a personal interest and that we won’t leave a stone unturned to achieve exceptional results.

So, if you want to work with a website design company that takes a personal interest then , give me a chance to meet with you to discuss the details.

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  • I have not seen a more logical and simplistic approach to websites. Highly recommend Uli for a review of your website.

    Kaushik Gorasia

  • Uli has been extremely helpful; he was calm, patient and responsive while focused on the best way of representing what we wanted to achieve.

    Ken McIntyre - Howick Bowling Club

  • I'd like to thank Hello Web and especially Uli for his knowledge and professional approach when developing my website.


  • Uli is an amazing, very approachable, affable and experienced web designer. His professionalism is without question.

    Aurora Ward

  • A great help with my website - a very patient teacher and enthusiastic expert! Thanks Uli :)

    Liz Lindsay

  • I talked to Uli today after a potentially disastrous mistake I had made. He kept me calm, and helped me out. I thoroughly appreciated his kindness and hope to work with him very soon. Many thanks again.

    Kate Asplin

  • Super professional, open minded and what is most important they know what they are doing!

    Marcin - BusyBody

  • Since the launch in January 2020, we have received five genuine leads/enquiries from the website. (19 February 2020).

    Layla You - Metro NZ Properties