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Pay per click

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Linked In Ads and Facebook Ads

Done correctly, pay per click (PPC) advertising is and effective to attract exactly the right audience, even on a low budget. It also provides invaluable information about your audience. I believe that every business can benefit from PPC advertising. 

We believe that every business should make use of Google Ads. While PPC is not limited to Google, Google Ads sets a benchmark and we work with it more than other platforms e.g. LinkedIn or Facebook. Each platform has benefits and we visit those in our Online Marketing Strategy.

Here are some benefits of using Google Ads:

  • Keyword research – With organic SEO it’s not possible to find out exact search terms whereas with Google Ads the search terms that lead to your site are visible. Google Ads can be your best keyword research tool.
  • Adding strategic Keywords to your searches – Organically your website will be limited in the number of keywords and key phrases (long-tail keywords) that it can rank for. With Google Ads PPC your website can be made to be found for keywords that don’t achieve organically.
  • Get there faster – It’s unlikely that your website will rank well organically form the get-go. With Google Ads you can compete immediately and you can compete at a level that you feel comfortable with.
  • Flexibility – Try out various campaigns, switch them on and off as you need, advertise specials by search term, geographic location, time of day and visitor demographic. Google Ads continues to evolve and now has become a significant marketing and research tool for most of my clients.
  • Data – Getting business data on the behaviour of your website visitors is hugely valuable. Combined with Google Analytics, Google Ads gives you excellent marketing data that you can use in your business.
  • Beat your competition – Structure your ads well and relevant to the content of your website, and you’ll find that your ad will beat those of your competitors.
  • Save money – compared to traditional marketing channels, Google Ads is significantly cheaper and, in an online world, usually more effective.

I provide project based or on-going SEO work. Good SEO includes analysing the behaviour of your website visitors. This analysis presents an opportunity to make on-going improvements to website content, engagement components and Meta Data on your website. It also provides information for improving your paid advertising and can result in significant cost saving. 

Search Ads

Search ads, in particular Google Search Ads not only to attract new customers to the website and business. Our on-going analytics provides excellent data of who is interested in our product and service, how they engage and what they are looking for online.

Compared to other methods of attracting customers, Google search ads are inexpensive and if they are configured correctly, they can be very powerful.

  • Flexible Scaling based on budget
  • Choose your demographic, timing and geographic area
  • Learn about how your customers engage with your website
  • Opportunity for A/B testing

Google Ads are easily underrated by businesses that don’t have a solid online strategy. 

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is widely used not only for attracting visitors to engage with your website, but also as a branding exercise. If configured correctly, display ads can achieve hundreds of thousands of impressions and display advertising can be run on many platforms, including Goolge, LinkedIn and Facebook, but they also appear on any website e.g. news sites that allows advertising.

  •  Excellent for getting your brand recognises
  •  Choose your demographic, timing, audience and geographic area
  •  Place your ads on selected online publications
  •  Opportunity for A/B testing

Display Advertising is an inexpensive way for businesses to compete online.

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