Curious about how we do things? Over the years we've collected some questions. Can't find it here? Just contact us.

FAQs: Design

Usually about a week. Then there may be some to-and-fro to get things perfect.
Yes, we have three hosting options. From super inexpensive to super fast.
Yes, if they are of high enough quality and in the right format. We cannot fit a portrait image into a landscape space or the other way around. If you're taking the photographs, then make sure that it is high quality and leave lots of space around the subject. We also work with an excellent photographer.
Yes. If you use a CMS Platform like WordPress or Craft CMS then we'll create the editable areas for you.
We include initial Meta Data and ALT tags as well as some Schema Meta Data with the website. On the DIY product we'll walk you through this so that you can add the data.
Most of our website run on Wordpress, but we have also worked with Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine and Craft CMS. A few of our websites run on pure HTML.

Search Engine Optimisation

The initial on-page SEO is included with the "Built By Hello Web" Product. On-going Off-Page SEO is charged monthly and there are various options for this.
We have a number of SEO options. Best give us a call at Hello Web. There are many facets to SEO. We have competitive pricing depending on that make-up.
Yes, we manage Google Ads as an option.


We have a number of hosting options, from $20 per month to $40 per month. We work only with New Zealand Hosting providers.
Super Fast. Our fast hosting is running on NGINX with heaps of memory assigned.
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