Effective SEO actions to improve your website results

Getting to page 1 on Google Search Results takes a bit of effort.

New Zealand is overrun with services in most market sectors and so the competition between like businesses is naturally high. Certainly in the Web Design and SEO space, there is ample competition, not only from business within our borders but also from overseas.
With well over 90% of all new B2B engagements starting with a Google search, it’s more important than ever to appear on Page 1 for your relevant search terms. It’s a fact that Page 1 companies get most of the website business. While I can (and do) spend money on Google AdWords in order to be seen on Page 1, a company that advertises SEO and Website Design services (like Hello Web) will naturally be judged by where they appear on an organic Google Search.

Everything I learned about Google Searches I learned from Google Searches

For me then, it was paramount that I get found on Page 1 for “Website Design Auckland”, and here’s how I did it.

I asked for help

The beauty of today’s world is that information is available. In fact, everything I learned about Google Searches I learned from Google Search. I did my homework well by reading lots of online material, blogs, Twitter and Industry experts. Sift through all the clutter and the information you will find is invaluable.

I invested in Software

Google rules are difficult to understand and they change frequently. Keeping up-to-date is time consuming, frustrating and, without help is usually fruitless. I use three separate software packages;

  1. Software that checks the quality of code, speed, SEO components, errors, backlinks, etc.
  2. Software that tells me all about words on the website. Search ranking is all about wording, keyword densities, and keywords in strategic places on the website.
  3. Software that tells me even more about words on the website.

Along with the purchased software, there are a host of free to use websites that you can use to determine key performance aspects of your site. I make use of many of those.

I was Patient

Try, try and try again. This is fraught with frustration because just when you thought that you cracked it you may get punished and Google decides to push you back a few pages. Persevere.
Making page 1 takes time and effort. In fact, the SEO work on a website often takes as long as building the website in the first place, so if you’re after a “Cheap” website or a DIY website, be prepared to find it a few pages down the rankings on a relevant search and ask yourself what the point is in the first place.

Carwardin – A WordPress Website

Website speed and content is the focus of this WordPress Web project.

I started working with Tim a year or so ago. The challenge was to identify exactly his particular target market and the use of correct words that outline the uniqueness of his services and then to present this in the web format.

The graphics and photography were expertly executed by Britta from Saxer Design.

This is not a one-off process, but we revisit this frequently as we get more and better ideas.

I manage the organic SEO, analytics and also Google Ads for Carwardin.

Business Broker Auckland

Aurora Ward – A WordPress Project

Proof that Facebook advertising works. A web design project based on a WordPress Theme.

I was referred to Aurora by someone who saw her request for website help on Facebook and we met.

This website is all about the images and words.

Thankfully Aurora could supply excellent imagery and video and I worked on adding the right words.

The end result: a website that really speaks for itself through its media and messages, really what a website is all about.

What great fun to work with Aurora; and she’s left some really great feedback.


Metro NZ – A WordPress and SEO Project – CASE STUDY

Case Study

Property Management with a live feed from Palace software.

Metro NZ is a well-known property management company. They wanted to take their online presence to the next level, with a new website and with a solid SEO and online marketing strategy.

Within six months, the website can be found on page one for all of the targeted keywords.

Google Search Engine Results Pages (Serps):

Property Management Auckland6
Property Management NZ1
Property Management New Zealand1
Building Management Company Auckland3
Investment Property Management Auckland2
Tenanted property sales Auckland 2
Search results for some chosen keywords

The website has attracted worthwhile business after only being live for about 2 months. With a targeted PPC Google Ads campaign, MetroNZ is getting a significant number of prospects via their website, an objective achieved.

The team at Metro NZ was heavily involved in the wording and the design of the website and the team remains involved with creating content and with providing on-going feedback.

The website also gathers live data from the Palace software, saving the business a significant amount of time through avoiding double-entries. I have written a WordPress Plugin to download and format the relevant data. You can find that data on the Property Listings page.

Metro NZ Property Management Auckland