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June 2022
Website Design | SEO | Website Development | Website Planning How much should a website cost (Updated - June 2022)

The typical answer would be “it depends”, but I want to be quite detailed in this article. It pays to shop around.

May 2022
Website Design | SEO | Website Development Why your Web Designer should also be responsible for SEO

Web Design and SEO go hand in hand. There is no reason that a web designer cannot be a Web Developer and a SEO expert. There are benefits in keeping these disciplines under one roof.

March 2022
Website Development | Craft CMS Craft CMS or WordPress when taking on existing websites

Many of my future websites will be built on Craft CMS. In the past 7 years of building websites, it is the purest form of website development that I’ve come across.

December 2021
"Completing the user journey" and other website considerations for 2022

"Completing the user journey" is just one of the web design considerations for 2020. Here is a list of some others that you should include in your business planning.

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