SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing) Strategy

SEO works better with a plan

The search engine has taken over our lives. Today most decisions we take start with an online search. Not having a presence online is not having a presence at all. At Hello Web we recognise that every business needs a plan on how to perform well online. That requires intimate knowledge or how SEO works and what is required to better the competition.

Some components of SEO are done periodically, like the meta-date of your website. Other components are on-going. For those, a good understanding of what is happening with search engines, and especially at Google, is required.

But the online strategy goes beyond SEO and SEM and includes things like Website content, Google Advertising, Social Media presence and advertising. To be successful those disciplines have to work hand in hand and can, if implemented properly, lead to success without breaking the bank.

SEO Strategy Components

Website Content Strategy

Website content has to be fresh, informative and meaningful for your business website to remain relevant. At Hello Web we lead the planning of:

  • Website Content for SEO
  • Content Updates for SEO
  • Content distribution and backlinking

Technical SEO Strategy

Technical SEO is a complex field. We look at the initial SEO components of your website and ensure that your website has a score of above 90% on Semrush. As you update your website, these components become out of date. Whether training or periodic hands-on work, we work with you so that you website remains technially current.

  • Meta Data Components
  • Content Update
  • On-going monitoring

Google Ad Strategy

Google Ads is one of the most used forms of online advertising. Effectiveness of Google Ads requires planning, not only of keywords but also many factors like targeting audiences, demographics times, placements and a host of other settings. Getting these parameters wrong will inevitably lead to wasted clicks and wasted money.

  • Keyword Planning
  • Competition analysis
  • Google Search and Display Ads strategy

Social Media Strategy

Combining your Social Media Strategy with your website content and Google Ads ensures that there is consistency with your message. The power of involving your staff with your business social media strategy is well documented and researched. Here are opportunities that many businesses are missing. Make the best out of the business activities that are taking place every day by working on a strategy of presenting your business activities online.

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